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Steam Assisted Vessel cleaning

The method adopted by Nordic Chemical Solutions involves the injection of a combination of steam and KIRASOL-345 into the vessel via several connection points to create optimal turbulence. Using advanced temperature and pressure control, we are able to predict the condensation phase on the surface.  The effect is to accelerate decontamination of the vessel by the action of the KIRASOL-345 on the heavy hydrocarbons in the vessel, which are emulsified into a form that allows their removal by being forced out by pressure  as a slurry. Draining is limited to periods when the vessel is pressurised. Simultaneously, the KIRASOL-345 acts as a gas scrubber in the steam and is highly effective in removing hydrocarbon vapours from the vessel down to an LEL of below 10. Furthermore a small reservoir of KIRASOL-345 is used to scrub hydrocarbons from the exhaust gas.

At the end of the operation, the remaining contaminants on the floor of the vessel comprise a small amount of clean sand, removed by suction in a few hours. Removal of this sand does not result in any elevation of the LEL.
Because of the significant savings of time and cost, together with the superior level of safety of the procedure, Statoil and other Operators in the Norwegian Sector have adopted it as their standard technique for cleaning process vessels. Indeed, virtually all process vessels owned by Statoil that were cleaned in 2013/14 used the Nordic Chemical Solutions technique, and forward orders for such work up to 2017 have already been placed.
The technique has also been successfully employed for rapid decontamination of large offshore vessel and all associated pipework during offshore decommissioning operations, with several projects already undertaken by early 2015. These have offered significant time savings over mechanical alternatives.

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